Social Distancing made easy.  

Maggy is a small wearable device helping you to maintain social distancing while keeping your privacy. With friends, family and colleagues. At home, at work, while shopping or on vacation.  


Boosting Employee Knowledge with Mobile Microlearning  

Empower employees with the knowledge they need to succeed. The MobieTrain mobile training platform improves knowledge retention with personalized, gamified learning paths. 5 minutes a day is all it takes to boost sales, build knowledge and provide standout customer experiences.  

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Intranet the next level: A Portal for the whole workforce 

Unily's Digital Experience Cloud is an award-winning digital experience platform that empowers modern businesses with the best tools to communicate, collaborate and innovate. 

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Empowering teams to keep their edge with a Skill Cloud  

Save and collaborate on any type of content directly in your browser. Create Transparency in the expertise that lives in your team. Discover your strengths and build your teams on expertise instead of availability. uses AI technology to make the whole experience seamless, contextual and personal. 

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